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The school founder and Director, Véronique Liebmann, is a native of Annecy, France. 

Véronique moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1993 with her nine-month old son. While raising her young child, Véronique developed a keen interest in Early Childhood Education. 

In 1995, she was certified as an Early Childhood Montessori Teacher by the American Montessori. In 1996, she visited several Francophone Schools in Canada, and an immersion preschool program in the Chicago area. She was, at this time, convinced that she could benefit the community best by teaching in her native language.


In September 1996, she introduced a French immersion program for preschoolers at Sunny Hollow Montessori in St. Paul, MN. She quickly found out that the Montessori approach had several limitations when it came to learning another language; the individual approach would only allow the teacher’s interaction with one or two children at a time. The whispering atmosphere in respect of children’s concentration on their individual activity would also not allow the children to hear the music of the language. 


After extensive research on different Early Childhood Education models, Véronique chose to follow the path of the unique Ecole Maternelle française, while maintaining a Montessori inspired classroom setting and activities. In France, public school starts at two and a half years old, with a structured curriculum providing the foundations to prepare students for elementary school. 


In September 1998, Véronique founded her own French Preschool & Kindergarten program in Eden Prairie, MN: La Maison des Enfants, accredited by the French Ministry of Education (AEFE). Over the years, La Maison des Enfants became The French Academy of Minnesota, the French American School of Minneapolis, and finally, The French Académie at our current location in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

The French Académie expands upon Veronique’s original vision, which combined Montessori education with the French Maternelle curriculum, by incorporating inspirations from the Reggio Emilia approach.


Come experience the unique educational atmosphere at The French Académie, where Oui Play, Oui Sing, and Oui Learn!

About The French Académie of Minnetonka, MN

The French Académie is accredited by the French Ministry of Education (AEFE) and licensed by the state of Minnesota. We are also affiliated with the Mission Laique Francaise (MLF) and the Association of French Schools in North America (AFSA).

Daycare child playing

One of the primary ways young children learn is through play. With a Montessori inspired classroom setup, different games and activities are kept accessible for children to explore, and are set up in a neat, organized, and sequential manner. There is structured time during the day for children to play. Play activities help children learn and develop spatial awareness, creativity, and interpersonal skills. For these reasons and many more, we believe that play is one of the most important and innate methods of instruction.

Daycare music program

Music is a part of every culture around the world, and is an integral part of the curriculum at The French Académie. You may even say that we speak not just two languages in our school, but three! Our curriculum incorporates the Music Together In School program, which is an internationlly recognized play-based program, providing developmentally appropriate lessons in a musically rich environment. Engaging with music is also an integral piece of exploring a new culture and new language, and children are able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the French language by its expression through song.

Academic childcare curriculum

We believe it is our responsibility to encourage the entire development of our students. In addition to providing children with a strong foundation of knowledge in science, math, language, music, and art, our academic curriculum is designed to teach children independence and social skills, and incorporates French culture and manners into our daily routines. Children spend much of their day in school, and we believe that it is vital for our program and our staff to help them learn and develop into responsible, well-rounded, respectful, and creative students.

Meet Our Teachers & Staff

Enchanté! We are delighted to partner with you and your children

in their growth and development.

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