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French Immersion School Programs

Give your child the gift of a second language! Research indicates that proficiency in multiple languages fosters enhanced critical thinking abilities, nurtures empathy, and cultivates respect for diverse cultures worldwide, ultimately paving the way for greater academic success and expanded career prospects.

Our french immersion school programs consist of four mixed-age classrooms. Two classrooms are for our toddler daycare program for children ages 18 months - 3 years (Le Tout Petit Programme). Two classrooms are for our preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten students ages 3-6 years (La Maternelle). Students are immersed in French throughout their day as they gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the French culture. No French language experience is required to begin your child's bilingual journey! Discover the benefits of multi-age classroom grouping here.

Why are our French immersion school programs exceptional in Minneapolis?


Our classrooms are lead and supported by native French speakers.

At The French Academie, all of our teachers are native French speakers with the exception of a native English speaker in the toddler daycare program (le tout petit programme). Many of our teachers have been recruited from France specifically to care for our students.


Our Maternelle program is accredited by the French Ministry of Education, AEFE.

The French curriculum is the only educational curriculum to be recognized, respected, and maintained abroad. The French Ministry of Education, AEFE, works with select schools to align curriculum with the established content and rigor of the world-renowned French educational system. Our experienced lead teachers have previously taught in France and been educated in the domains of the French curriculum. Our Maternelle program (preschool, prek, and kindergarten students) is the closest you can get to French education while residing in the United States. 


Our new custom-designed french immersion school is ideally suited for young learners.

Our new school location in Minnetonka benefits from custom-fitted facilities for young children with large spacious rooms with plenty of natural light, a library, private music room, and indoor and outdoor gym. We are ideally located in the Minneapolis suburbs near Hopkins, Saint Louis Park, Eden Prairie, and Edina off MN-62 W and I-494.


Our staff is loving and dedicated to student well-being.

We search for the most dedicated and kind staff to guide our beloved little learners. Our educators have a passion for children as evidenced by their commitment to move to the United States to educate young children.

The French culture is integrated in the language learning process.

To understand the French language in all of its wonderfully rich complexities, one must understand French culture. Languages are not just words to learn, but worlds to explore, cultures to embrace, and stories to share. Multilingualism is not just about speaking another language. It is also about making connections and opening our hearts and minds to different ways of seeing and engaging in the world. At The French Academie, language and culture are intertwined. The French culture is present every day at school. It is shared in lesson plans, interactions, and school culinary dishes. To have native French teachers also allows students to understand both language and culture more deeply; in effect broadening a child’s worldview. At The French Academie, language and cultural integration are imperative for a holistic French education.

French culture & culinary art are explored in the kitchen: The French Art de Vivre.

The French Académie is more than just a French school: it is a gold mine where students experience the French culture each and every day. Gastronomy is at the heart of our French culture, and particularly accessible to very young children who are discovering the world through their senses. Our pedagogical project is articulated around a cooking workshop taught by one adult and a small group of students from the Toddler and Preschool classrooms. In the kitchen, children develop fine motor skills, math skills, language, reading, cooperation, and more!

We are an international learning community.

The French language attracts international speakers for various reasons. The widespread use of French in international organizations and the widespread use of the language across various nations and nationalities mean many of our students come from a variety of backgrounds. This diversity of backgrounds is an asset in our classrooms, allowing all of our students the benefit of exposure to a variety of cultures and perspectives, fostering empathy and open-mindedness, essential qualities in our increasingly interconnected and interdependent world. 

Our classrooms are Montessori-inspired.

At The French Academie, we incorporate many of the principles of the Montessori pedagogy, creating a holistic education for our students. Our classrooms are designed to encourage self-directed learning, autonomy, and freedom of movement from the beginning. We utilize purposeful classroom materials in an effort to refine and build on fine and gross motor development. We utilize mixed age classrooms to foster community, collaboration, and empathy in our students. With this practice in place, we are able to individualize learning paths for our students and meet them where they are in their learning journey. We incorporate practical life skill learning and concepts like freedom within limits. Additionally, our teachers prepare the environment to provide an attractive and welcoming atmosphere where students are engaged in learning.

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Our Reggio Emilia inspired pedagogy fosters creativity.

Our pedagogy is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, particularly with our "loose parts." Loose parts are "petits riens," little things (or big ones!), often recycled, organized in collections ( for example: shells, rocks, sticks, feathers, fabrics..) . The objective is to engage the natural curiosity and creativity of the children. These loose parts are gathered in nature or recycled from daily life and places in adequate containers and then available to the children to explore whenever they choose. By making these loose parts available in the child's daily environment, we give them the possibility to use their natural creativity and curiosity. In the richness of these collections, a child develops their imagination.

Accreditations & Affiliations

The French Académie is accredited by the French Ministry of Education (AEFE) and licensed by the state of Minnesota. We are also affiliated with the Mission Laique Francaise (MLF) and the Association of French Schools in North America (AFSA).

Our programs use the Minnesota Early Childhood Indicators of Progress (ECIP's) to ensure that your child is right on track in their development, in addition to the French Ministry of Education Standards in Maternelle. Students' progress is tracked in the specialized French software "Je valide” and shared with parents through a detailed report twice a year.

View our Students' 5-year Journey

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