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12 Top Things To Do In Minnetonka For Families With Kids

At The French Académie, we are proud to be members of the Minnetonka community. Minnetonka, Minnesota, is a picturesque city that offers a plethora of family-friendly activities for all seasons. With its beautiful lakes, nature reserves, and a welcoming community, Minnetonka is the perfect place for families to create lasting memories. Here are some of our top things to do in the Minnetonka community for families with kids:

1. Explore Lake Minnetonka

A visit to Minnetonka wouldn't be complete without spending time on Lake Minnetonka, the 10th largest lake in Minnesota. Rent a pontoon boat, kayak, fish, or paddleboard and take in the breathtaking views of the lake's crystal-clear waters. The beauty of the lake really blossoms in spring and summer. Enjoy a picnic on one of the public beaches or fish from the shoreline.

2. Visit the Burwell House

The historic Burwell House, built in 1883, offers guided tours that transport you back in time. Kids can experience life as it was in the late 19th century while learning about the history of the region. The Burwell House puts on community events throughout the year. Over Halloween, they have hosted the Burwell Spooktacular on the grounds, a fun family-friendly outdoor even to celebrate the season.

3. Get Active at Big Willow Park

Big Willow Park boasts a fantastic playground for kids, complete with swings and climbing structures. There's also a baseball field and open green space, perfect for a family game of catch or frisbee. There is a 2.8-mile loop trail that begins from the small parking lot (on Minnetonka Boulevard) with a combination of limestone and asphalt trails. In the winter season, the trails are even plowed after about 2 inches of snow fall.

4. Take a Hike

The French Académie of Minnetonka preschoolers take a hike at forest school
The French Académie of Minnetonka preschoolers take a hike at weekly forest school.

Minnetonka has an abundance of hiking trails to explore. The Purgatory Creek Park, with its network of scenic trails, is an excellent place for a family hike. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings and keep an eye out for local wildlife. The French Académie of Minnetonka often arranges hikes to a nearby park for our forest school days.

5. Enjoy Winter Sports

In the winter, Minnetonka turns into a winter wonderland. Strap on your ice skates and head to the city's ice rinks for some classic outdoor fun. You can also try cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in the city's parks. The City of Minnetonka also has various youth activities to choose from throughout the year.

6. Discover the Minnetonka Center for the Arts

Get creative with your family at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts. They offer various art programs for children, encouraging them to express themselves through painting, pottery, and more.

7. Attend Community Events

Minnetonka hosts a variety of community events throughout the year. From summer concerts in the park to holiday festivities, these events are a great way for families to connect with the local community.

8. Picnic at Shady Oak Beach

Centrally located, Shady Oak Beach is a fantastic spot for a family picnic. The park has a mix of forest and paved paths (good for strollers) with beautiful bridges. With a sandy beach, a playground, and shaded areas, it's a perfect location for a day of fun in the sun. Parking is easy and free.

9. Go Geocaching

Minnetonka is home to numerous geocaching opportunities. Geocaching is like a treasure hunt where you use GPS coordinates to find hidden caches. It's a great way to explore the city with a sense of adventure. Intrigued? Here's a bit more about Minnesota geocaching to bookmark for your next adventure.

10. Visit the Minnetonka Farmers Market

Support local farmers and artisans at the Minnetonka Farmers Market. The market features fresh produce, handmade crafts, and delicious treats. It's an ideal place to teach your children about the importance of buying local.

11. Plan a Family Movie Night

For a more relaxed family activity, visit one of Minnetonka's cinemas. Enjoy the latest family-friendly movies and grab some popcorn. Alternatively, the Minnetonka Theatre may also be something fun to try. At the moment, they are running The Sound of Music.

12. Indulge in Culinary Adventures

Minnetonka boasts a diverse culinary scene. Explore a range of restaurants and eateries serving everything from classic American fare to international cuisine. Don't forget to try some local favorites. You might consider one of the popular Lake Minnetonka restaurants as well.

It is an honor to be a member of the Minnetonka community. Like The French Académie, Minnetonka is a city that values family and community, making it an ideal suburb for those looking for family-friendly activities and a welcoming atmosphere. We are pleased to offer the Minnetonka community a high-quality french immersion daycare and preschool in a play-based structured learning environment. Our students not only benefit from the priceless gift of a second language, but also weekly forest school, Montessori activities and practical life skills, Reggio Emilia creative project explorations, steam and cultural learning in our on-site learning kitchen, and musical engagement that is built into our curriculum alongside weekly piano lessons offered to our preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten students.

Interested in visiting The French Académie? Please complete the following form to schedule a tour!

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